Meet the team

The Diving Almuñecar team is the main value of our company. If you want to know who we are, how we work, our experience, what we value most, etc., we present them below:


Diving and freediving instructor, I will take you to enjoy underwater with or without air. I began to discover these disciplines in the Caribbean, where I fell in love with the seabed. I have continued learning and working in Australia, Lanzarote and Menorca. Now I am in Almuñécar to continue transmitting this love and passion that I feel for diving and freediving. I truly believe that we can all do it, that’s why I take the necessary time and listen to your needs so that we have a great time and that you never forget your experience with me.


My name is David Egea, nickname 5 J, I am passionate about the sea both inside and outside of it. It turned my passion into my way of life. I am here to take you to a special world, each dive is a new adventure.


Hello everyone! My name is João Paz, I am an Almuñécar Diving instructor and I come from Seville, Andalusia. My passion for diving comes from a long time ago when I went snorkeling with my uncle and he told me he loves diving. So I’ll be here to help you in everything you need! See you in the blue!🐚🐠🦀🐙


My name is Iorana and I’m half Italian and half German. I speak English and Spanish as well. I’ve been diving since I was eight years old and still enjoy it just as much. Off-season I study. I hope to see you soon! Sunny regards!